Diamond Tile & Grout Restoration Specialists
    was established to address the enormous need for effective
    tile and grout maintenance and for the periodic deep cleaning
    of hard surfaces of all types and settings. When it comes
    to restoring the fresh look of your natural stone, ceramic
    tiles and hard floor coverings, allow Diamond Tile & Grout
    Restoration Specialists to restore the original luster to
    your investment. We specialize in:
  •  Tile grout
  •  Stone
  •  Concrete and Masonry
  •  Marble Polishing
  •  Granite, Terrazzo, Slate
  •  Interior and Exterior
  •  Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces
  •  Floors and Countertops
  •  Tile and Grout Repair

Diamond Tile and Grout Restoration Specialists uses the newest technology designed specifically for hard surface cleaning. This technology has been proven to produce superior results over other methods and meets higher safety and environmental standards.

Using this method, we pressure wash the surface and sanitize the tile, as well as, the grout. The waste water is then sent to our truck after extracting all of the built up grime, dirt, and waste. There is no over spray, ensuring that your furniture and fixtures remain protected along with the surrounding environment.

Diamond Tile and Grout
Servicing New Jersey and rest of the Tri-State area!